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Columbus Stands Behind Support of DACA

Walker Evans Walker Evans Columbus Stands Behind Support of DACA
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As the federal government scrambles to avoid a shutdown at midnight tonight, much of the conversation centers around the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. While national lawmakers struggle to reach a deal, many in Columbus are taking a firm stance behind supporting the program that provides protection for young unauthorized immigrants — commonly referred to as DREAMers — from being deported.

A release issued this morning from Columbus City Council provided the following statement on the topic:

Columbus City Council represents one of the most ethnically diverse cities in Ohio. The cultural richness of our neighborhoods and businesses is what makes our City vibrant and prosperous.

This is why we are calling on elected officials across the country and in the nation’s capital to stand in support of Dreamers. Children who were brought to the United States as immigrants and protected under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program deserve the opportunity to fulfill the dream their parents envisioned.

Since its inception, DACA has protected approximately 800,000 children who were brought to the United States illegally, through no fault of their own.

We need to ensure we have inclusive paths to citizenship that are accessible to people of all ages. This will continue to foster the American dream.

Angie Plummer, executive director of Community Refugee and Immigration Services (CRIS), said that local city government has been cooperative and supportive of programs that assist local refugees and immigrants in Central Ohio.

“This statement reflects that our city government values treating all members of our community with dignity and respect,” said Plummer. “I was so pleased to see this specific call for a legislative solution for those who hold DACA status, who have been in such a state of limbo and deserve better.”

The local entrepreneurs at DACA Time echoed similar sentiments from the private sector, stressing that repealing programs like DACA will have a negative impact on the national economy.

“Over 86 percent of Americans support the Dreamers,” Nathali Bertran, DACA Time co-founder. “We contribute to the economy, social security, and our local communities. Our fate is in the hands of Congress and the White House now. With time running out, we hope they do the right thing.”


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