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Columbus Sports Have Grown Beyond OSU Football

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From The Daily Hunter Blog:

Yes, OSU football is king, but. . . this ain’t Fort Wayne
Posted by Bob Hunter

Saturday, both the Blue Jackets-San Jose Sharks game and the Ohio State-Minnesota basketball game sold out. That was more than 37,000 fans in two packed arenas four miles apart — and neither involved a punt or a first down. Friday night, the OSU men’s hockey game with Notre Dame drew 6,571 and the same two teams had over 6,000 again on Sunday. And a Wednesday night soccer game in Crew Stadium between the United States and Mexico is expected to have a capacity crowd of well over 20,000.

A lot of people outside of Columbus think the football Buckeyes are the only thing we care about and it’s simply not true. That’s an outdated notion from the days when this was just an overgrown college town and there are way too many of us here now.

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