RIP – 10 Columbus Restaurants that Closed in 2007

Walker Evans Walker Evans RIP – 10 Columbus Restaurants that Closed in 2007Photo via Joe Ross on Flickr.
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2007 was a great year for new restaurants in Columbus, but there were also several eateries that closed up their doors for good. Here are the Top 10 restaurants that closed in 2007. They will all be missed.

1. The Original Wendy’s – 2007 was a bad year for Wendy’s in general. Sagging sales, a potential corporate sellout, and mediocre advertising campaigns left many fast fooders headed toward other options. The biggest blow came on March 2nd when the original restaurant downtown closed after 38 years. Dave Thomas will still be spinning in his grave well into the new year.

2. Estrada – After owner Ray Estrada died in March, the future of his restaurant was up in the air. It lasted through the summer but closed up in October.

3. Talita’s Mexican-Italian Restaurant – After a 39 year run, Talita’s closed up shop in September. They were quickly replaced with another mexican restaurant called Fiesta Time.

4. Pesto Creative Italian Bistro – In early December the lights quietly went off at Pesto as young entrepreneur Lee Shadle put his Italian concept to rest.

5. TeeJay’s – One of the few 24 hour greasy spoons still located near downtown closed up as redevelopment near Dublin Road and Grandview Ave gets ready to begin.

6. Brownstone on Main – After a public debacle involving a closed alley and a half-completed patio as well as funding and management problems, the Brownstone on Main announced a “temporary” closing for restructuring which soon turned permanent.

7. Steak & Shake – One of the few 24/7 sit-down dining options on campus closed up this past summer leaving students with one less place to score a greasy late night “fourth meal”.

8. 8 – This Short North eatery closed up after one year due to an unrenewable lease. 2008 may see 8 relocate nearby.

9. Red Star Tavern – After a very short run, this Arena District restaurant closed up in February and was quickly replaced by “TBD Tavern” (yes, TBD stood for To Be Determined). TBD didn’t last long and closed in May, but now a Boston’s Pizza is scheduled to be opening there soon.

10. Fuddruckers – In April, Fuddruckers pulled the plug on all four of their Columbus locations at once. Fortunately there are still hundreds of places to find good hamburgers in central Ohio.

Which of these closed restaurants will you miss the most? What new types of restaurants would you like to see open in 2008?

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