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Columbus Residents Breaking Recycling Records

Walker Evans Walker Evans Columbus Residents Breaking Recycling RecordsPhoto by Walker Evans.
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As curbside recycling efforts in Columbus have continued to expand in 2014 to include eligible condo and apartment buildings, it’s only natural that record amounts of trash are being diverted from the landfill for recycling.

In fact, exactly 8,981 tons (17,963,136 pounds) of recyclable material was collected during the three month span of May-July 2014, which was the highest three-month amount since the program launched in the summer of 2012.

In the lifetime of the program, the 201,473 local residents participating in the curbside recycling program have recycled 61,000 tons of material, which has saved the city over $3.4 million in landfill tipping fees.

Besides curbside pickup, other recycling and refuse collection efforts have rolled out in Columbus this year, such as the partnership to recycle glass from high-use commercial businesses on High Street, and the upcoming pilot-program deployment of solar trash compactors in The Short North.

For more information, visit publicservice.columbus.gov/recycle/.

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