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Columbus Ranked 7th Least Religious City in The US

Walker Evans Walker Evans Columbus Ranked 7th Least Religious City in The USPhoto by Walker Evans.
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If you’re an atheist, agnostic or just plain unaffiliated with any religion, then you’re not alone.

A new study from the Public Religion Research Institution revealed that 24% of Columbus locals self-identify as “unaffiliated” with any religious group. While that total number is certainly a minority compared to the 76% of residents who are religious, it’s still significant as it represents a larger percentage than any other individual religious identification in the region (the next largest percentage being 22% for Catholicism and third largest being 18% for White Evangelical Protestant).

The survey results show that Columbus is only one of eight major US cities where “Unaffiliated” is the top choice for religion with only Portland, San Francisco, Seattle, Denver, Tampa and Phoenix having a higher percentage of non-religious residents. Regional cities such as Cincinnati, Cleveland and Indianapolis (all three land at 19% unaffiliated) have individual religions that are more prominent in the results.

To check out the full list and survey results, CLICK HERE to visit www.publicreligion.org.

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