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Columbus Ranked 6th on List of “American Dream Cities”

Jesse Bethea Jesse Bethea Columbus Ranked 6th on List of “American Dream Cities”Photo by Walker Evans.
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Columbus is ranked among seven “American Dream Cities” according the Burghard Group’s 2013 Report. The Burghard Group ranks metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs) based on how successfully residents feel they are achieving the American Dream. The seven MSAs with an index of 105 or greater, including Columbus, are home to residents who have a greater sense that they are achieving the American Dream than the national average.

Columbus is tied with Raleigh, NC, for the No. 6 spot, ranking behind Hartford, CT; Jacksonville, FL; Riverside, CA; Miami, FL and Rochester, NY. Compared with other Ohio cities listed, Columbus ranks well above Cincinnati at No. 14 and Cleveland at No. 36. In total, 52 metropolitan areas were examined by the study.

Mayor Michael Coleman’s office is pleased with the city’s high ranking in the report. Dan Williamson, the Mayor’s spokesman, said the ranking is a reflection of the work that Coleman and his partners have been doing to improve quality of life.

“The mayor has been making the case for years that Columbus is one of the best cities in the nation to live, work and raise a family,” wrote Williamson in an email. “This is a vindication of that.”


The Burghard Group notes the purpose of their report is to “start a dialogue on how to better enable residents to achieve their American Dream.” The Group’s full 2013 report shows that Columbus also ranks No. 2 in terms of job benefits, one of a number of dimensions used by the study to gauge achievement of the American Dream.

The report also makes it clear that the results of the study offer insight into how residents feel, but not why they feel the way they do about the advantages of their cities. The report suggests that further research is needed to “understand the sentiment drivers so strategies can be developed to address performance gaps.”

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