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Columbus Population Growth Leads Ohio in 2013

Walker Evans Walker Evans Columbus Population Growth Leads Ohio in 2013
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The US Census Bureau recently released their annual population estimates, and as always, AllColumbusData.com provides a great breakdown of what these statistics mean for Columbus and for the State of Ohio. Essentially, Columbus continues to be the fastest growing region in the state, which is attributable to both domestic and international migration as well as a positive birthrate to deathrate ratio.

“Natural growth is a vital part of the growth picture for any place,” explains Jon Seymour of AllColumbusData. “For Columbus, it is roughly 50% of its total annual growth. For places like Youngstown, with more deaths than births, it just contributes to overall decline.”

Seymour also breaks down census information by County in a separate update. Unsurprisingly, Franklin County leads the state in growth, and at the current rate is likely surpass Cuyahoga County to become the largest in the state sometime in the next four-to-five years.

We’ve compiled an infographic below to highlight some of the major datapoints.

For more data analysis and statistical information, visit www.allcolumbusdata.com


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