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Columbus Population Grew 10% From 2000 to 2010

Walker Evans Walker Evans
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The full results of the the 2010 census was released last week, and we’ve been analyzing the numbers and what they mean for our city, our region and our state. The city of Columbus grew from 711,470 to 787,033 over the past decade, a growth of 10.6%. Franklin County as a whole grew 8.8% to 1,163,414. Delaware County was the fastest growing county in the state with over 58% growth, climbing to 174,214 people.

Overall, the state of Ohio only grew by 1.6% to 11,536,504 people due to declines in population in every other major city in the state, including Cleveland (-17.7%), Cincinnati (-10.4%), Youngstown (-18.3%), Dayton (-14.8%), Toledo (-8.4%), Akron (-8.3%) and Canton (-9.7%).

The multi-county Columbus Metropolitan Area grew by 13.9 percent from 1,613,000 to 1,837,000.

The quickest growing suburban cities include New Albany (108.1% growth), Pickerington (86.8% growth), Powell (84.1% growth) and Granville (78.3% growth). Newark remains our second largest regional city with a population of 47,573 (2.8% growth), but it soon may be eclipsed by rapidly growing suburban cities including Dublin (41,751 / 33% growth), Delaware (34,753 / 37.7% growth), Grove City (35,575 / 31.4% growth) and Lancaster (38,780 / 9.7% growth).

As previously reported, Central Ohio is rapidly growing more diverse as well. The past decade, the local Latino population grew by 132.5% to 66,080 and the local Asian population grew by 55.4% to 56,822.

A Dispatch article has a map that provides a good look at how Columbus’ growth was distributed on a neighborhood-by-neighborhood basis. Some areas lost residents while others gained.

More information about the new census data can be found in the following articles:

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The full results of the 2010 census can be found at 2010.census.gov.

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