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Columbus Partnership Releases Statement on School Levy Result

Walker Evans Walker Evans
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The results have not fully been tallied, but The Columbus Partnership is ready to call Issues 50 and 51 as failing at the ballot box today.

(Update: The levy opposition also released a statement this evening, which can be FOUND HERE.)

The full press release issued by Alex Fisher, President & CEO of The Columbus Partnership can be found below:

November 5, 2013
Statement by Alex Fischer regarding Issues 50 and 51

Columbus, OH – Alex Fischer, president and CEO of The Columbus Partnership, issued the following statement in response to the vote on Issues 50 and 51:

“We are disappointed by today’s results regarding Issues 50 and 51. We remain firmly committed to working with Mayor Coleman and the broad coalition in our community that is dedicated to ensuring the best possible education for every child in Columbus.

Today, voters expressed a lack of trust in our school district – a sentiment that we understand. The voters are asking for reform before new taxes. The fact that over half of our kids will wake up and attend a failing school in the morning is a reminder of the challenges we must address.

All of our children remain our number one priority and we must continue to work together as an entire community, so that every child in Columbus is provided with the best education and opportunity to succeed.”

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