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Columbus’ Oldest Yoga Studio, Yoga On High, is For Sale

Nancy Alkire Nancy Alkire Columbus’ Oldest Yoga Studio, Yoga On High, is For SaleYoga on High is for sale. Photo of Michele Vinbury leading class. Photo by Photo by Yoga on High and Courtney Hergesheimer.
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“It feels like something momentous just happened,” said Marcia Miller, co-owner of Yoga On High. “It is heartbreaking and necessary, but I know this will be good. Yoga is about transitions and this is a good lesson.”

In an email to the Yoga On High community October 15, 2020, Miller and co-owner Michele Vinbury announced that Columbus’ oldest yoga studio is seeking a buyer. “We don’t know who might be interested. There might be a group or some individuals. Until then, we will be carrying on with our usual classes, workshops and teacher trainings.”

Current Owners Marcia Miller and Michele Vinbury
Current Yoga on high owners Marcia Miller and Michele Vinbury. Photo by Yoga on High and Courtney Hergesheimer.

Yoga On High was founded over 20 years ago, before yoga was a mainstream fitness activity, and has been a prominent force in Columbus’ yoga scene.  Over the years, it has hosted some of the biggest names in yoga. Pioneers of yoga in the USA such as Richard Freeman and Mary Taylor made yearly visits to Yoga on High. Recently, international yoga celebrities Rodney Yee and Colleen Saidman Yee held a digital workshop.

“This year, our 20th anniversary, was to be our ‘Year of the Feminine’ and we had many celebrations and special guests coming in for workshops. Life had lot of other ideas, though,” said Miller. Yoga On High will continue with workshops on the schedule this year including the upcoming trauma-sensitive training led by co-owner Michele Vinbury and an event with iRest expert Anne Douglas.

Local one-woman yoga studio owner Joanie Delph was crushed, “Yoga on High has been an invaluable Columbus refuge for all yoga practitioners. Though I support whatever Marcia and Michelle need to do for their own well-being, my heart is heavy at the loss of them as wonderful studio owners. I can only hope that someone with true love of real yoga will take over the business and continue with such a strong, caring, knowledgeable legacy.”

Yoga on High has had thousands of classes and trained many teachers over the years. over the years. One of the pleasures of the shift to Zoom that Miller noted was seeing some familiar faces. 

“I have students from coast-to-coast at times,” said Miller.  “I even have an old friend who lives in Amsterdam attending my classes.”

To meet the challenges of COVID-19, after a hiatus Yoga On High created an online library of classes, shifted some classes to Zoom, and has cautiously re-opened with a limited number of in-person courses.

“We are filled with gratitude for this community,” said Miller. “We are so grateful to have had the privilege to be a part of this community that has allowed us to use the tools and skills we have learned from our many years of meditation asana and Reiki in running the business, and believe the has made a difference. Yoga on High teachers thanked their community in a heartfelt video in April 2020.

Yoga On High has not only taught yoga and other stress-relieving practices in their studios but also has two programs teaching yoga in prisons. It does many charitable works thru their foundation under the auspices of The Columbus Foundation.

Current programming at Yoga on High continues including 2 teacher training programs, online and in-person classes and multiple workshops.

“It has been an honor to create a well-respected, values-driven, women-owned business,” said Miller. “We have a beautiful, functional space that has the vibration of many hours of practice, dedication and love. If you know someone who might like to explore owning the studio, please send them our way.”

Yoga On High had moved to its current location in August of 2018 and is located at 1020 Dennison Avenue.

For more information visit yogaonhigh.com or call 614-291-4444.

Michele Vinbury giving a student an adjustment
Michele Vinbury giving a student an adjustment. Photo by Yoga on High and Courtney Hergesheimer.
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