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Columbus Makes Art Presents: Searius Addishin Bringing Sexy Back with Erotica Poetry

Justin Johnston Justin Johnston Columbus Makes Art Presents: Searius Addishin Bringing Sexy Back with Erotica PoetrySearius Addishin will perform his signature spoken word event, Erotica, at Wild Goose Creative.
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Searius Addishin is a poet, performer and educator based in Columbus. This month, he’s bringing his signature spoken word event, Erotica, to Wild Goose Creative on Saturday, Feb. 11, just in time for Valentine’s weekend.

Justin Johnston: What can people expect when they come to one of your performances?
Searius Addishin: They can expect authenticity and laughter with poetry somewhere smashed in the middle. Maybe a garnish of thought-provoking.

Searius Addishin.

Searius Addishin.

Justin: Tell me about your creative process as a poet.
Searius: My creative process has been influenced a lot by the awesome Scott Woods and a writing workshop that I was privileged to take that he moderated some years back. In short, I’m really into the form of poetry. To me, poetry isn’t simply the feeling or main idea but rather how that feeling and idea is framed, structured and expressed. I have a poem entitled “Vegetarian Gangsta” that I wrote from a first person perspective in which food preferences at the dinner table were actually gang alliances. I have another poem where I took a recipe for BBQ chicken and used that form to describe self-destructive community peril.

Justin: Creatively speaking, how do you take a written poem and turn it into a spoken word performance?
Searius: Great question! That’s where the magic lies: the psychology of very purposefully using facial expression, tone, and/or hand movements/gestures to really anchor a point communicated in a poem. I strive to use one or all of the above.

Justin: What other artists have influenced your work and why?
Searius: Initially, it was Saul Williams, hands down. The role he played in the movie Slam and the quality of his poetry set a standard for me to this day that still stands. Also, I really got into the work of the legendary Gil Scott Heron. More recently, I would have to say various awesome poets in the Columbus area have influenced my work in one way or another. There is so much talent here, all it takes is to go to an open mic or a feature for a nudge that means “stay on your craft.”

Justin: How did you come up with the idea for Erotica and how do you choose the other performers?
Searius: I was motivated to take the taboo subject and have fun with it… but bring the art out it. There is a subtle yet clear difference between Erotica and pornography. I strive not to repeat performers (when possible) and merge frequency of area performances with the availability of artists. I strive to have a balanced lineup of men and women in one capacity or another.

Justin: Last year’s Erotica was off the chain good. How do you create that special vibe at your events?
Searius: Thank you. You are too kind! I set very high standards. I think half of them are met by paying attention to detail like a surgeon would. With that being said, at the end of the day people want to be entertained and enjoy themselves… and we aim to please!

Erotica comes to Wild Goose Creative, 2491 Summit St., Columbus, OH 43202, for one night only on Saturday, Feb. 11. Catch the early show at 7 p.m. or the late show at 10 p.m. Tickets are available now or at the door.

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