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Columbus Makes Art Presents K. Daniel at Thiossane Institute

Suzan Bradford Kounta Suzan Bradford Kounta Columbus Makes Art Presents K. Daniel at Thiossane InstituteKenneth Daniel Eaddy, known by his artist moniker K. Daniel.
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Kenneth Daniel Eaddy, known by his artist moniker K. Daniel, is indeed a singer-songwriter, dancer and musical theater actor. He’ll be performing as part of the Thiossane Institute’s African Ball fundraiser on Dec. 16.

Suzan: How long have you been creating? What first inspired you to start working in your artform?
K. Daniel: I would say that my creativity really grew and took on some shape in 2015. I had always been singing off and on in the city, but 2015 really helped to put into perspective that my hobby can really be a passion. I was first inspired by artists who would not only sing, but became all around performers and would dance, act and give back by teaching those that are coming up behind them.

Suzan: Do you have a favorite memory from working in your artform? K. Daniel: A memorable performance was the production of Chrysalis Epoch, a monologue I created that infused song, dance and storytelling to describe my life’s journey of triumphs and trials through the lens of my Blackness and Queerness, and how the transitions in your life can be stepping stones towards reaching your greatness. This performance was in 2019, to a sold out crowd at the Backstage At The Lincoln series.

Kenneth Daniel Eaddy, known by his artist moniker K. Daniel
Kenneth Daniel Eaddy,
known by his artist moniker K. Daniel.

Suzan: What’s on your current playlist?
K. Daniel: Rahsaan Patterson, Lalah Hathaway, Durand Bernarr, The Foreign Exchange and various Afrobeats/House artists.

Suzan: What’s some of the best advice you’ve been given?
K. Daniel: “Continue to get to know and embrace you every single day, because you are the only you we will know.” I was told this advice during the making of Chrysalis Epoch, and it made me reshape how I viewed my progress in life. So often, we feel like because of societal or peer pressures, we need to be somewhere by a certain age or have attained a certain level of success by someone else’s definition. I realized that I need to simply do my best and as I continue to learn who I am, everything I need will be everywhere I am.

Suzan: What’s the best thing about the Columbus arts scene right now?K. Daniel: For as much sickness and negativity that we’ve seen in the last 18 months with the pandemic and the civil unrest, I believe it has also provided something curative. I think that counterbalance has absolutely fed into the Columbus arts scene. It has allowed artists of all backgrounds to really rethink how they can spark imagination through what they create. Whether it was the murals in response to the protests, the Curbside Concert or the Lincoln Living Room Concert series in response to COVID, the artists of Columbus helped to add some sense of normalcy and release from the stresses of life.

For tickets, and more information on the Thiossane Institute’s African Ball fundraiser on December 16, 2021, visit thiossaneinst.org.

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