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Columbus Makes Art Presents Independent Paper Folder Artist Jason Hubbell

 Monica Salisbury Columbus Makes Art Presents Independent Paper Folder Artist Jason HubbellOrigami by Independent Paper Folder Artist Jason Hubbell.
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Ohio Paper Folders is a non-profit origami arts education organization based in Ohio. OPF provides programs around the state as well as offering service coordination and support for origamists. OPF founder and director Monica Salisbury asked artist and origami teacher Jason Hubbell some questions about his work and why his focus is origami. Jason will be teaching with Ohio Paper Folders at upcoming events in the months ahead. While Jason is relatively new to the idea of sharing his work with the public, like so many origamists he’s been working on his own for years. Jason’s work was mostly recently exhibited at the 2019 Ohio State Fair.

Monica: What drew you to origami? Have you exhibited and can you name the most recent exhibit?
Jason: The ability to make handmade gifts for family and friends. I won several ribbons at the 2019 Ohio State Fair. I don’t design, only learn from books and videos.

Monica: What is your profession? Do you see any similarities between your work and origami?
Jason: Medical coding. I don’t get to apply my art to my day job.

Monica: Your work is always meticulous with consideration given to form, color, as well as presentation. Do you have any formal arts training?
Jason: Self-taught. I consider myself generally artsy but nothing else specifically.

origami Independent Paper Folder Artist Jason Hubbell
Independent Paper Folder Artist Jason Hubbell.

Monica: You also make wonderful homemade chocolate truffles which you’ve shared with the group on several occasions. What’s your favorite food and do you prepare it yourself?
Jason: Right now nothing that can’t go from freezer to microwave.

Monica: Do you have additional time to work on your origami since the pandemic has closed so many activities?
Jason: I’ve been fortunate that my work schedule hasn’t changed but origami has been a welcome distraction during these times.

Monica: Do you think that the community at large could benefit from learning origami?
Jason: Absolutely. It encourages logical thinking and is being applied to areas from the medical industry to space exploration.

Monica: Do you have a pet and if so does your pet enjoy origami?
Jason: I live in an apartment so I can’t keep a dog, but I have a great cat who enjoys origami as much as a toy mouse.

If you’re interested in origami and would like to help Ohio Paper Folders you could call us at (740) 334-4213 to help us with our community outreach programs. As issues with the pandemic resolve we will be resuming our normal scheduling. For information on meetings or CenterFold visit www.ohiopaperfolders.com.

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