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Columbus Makes Art Presents: Hakim Callwood on His Art and Inspirations

Nick Dekker Nick Dekker Columbus Makes Art Presents: Hakim Callwood on His Art and InspirationsHakim Callwood. Photo by Taijuan Moorman
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Hakim Callwood is a visual artist whose work can be found all over Columbus. You can see his work a Namaste In Love (110 Mill St.) this Saturday, Apr. 13 during Gahanna’s Creekside Art Walk. We caught up with him to chat about his work and his inspirations.

Hakim Callwood. Photo by Arosssse.
Hakim Callwood. Photo by Arosssse.

Nick: How do you describe your work for others?
Hakim: I make colorful paintings and drawings, mostly portraits but I always try to keep them fun and surreal.

Nick: From where do you draw your inspiration?
Hakim: I’m inspired by other art and artists, but I consider so many things as art. Ranging from literal art like film, comics and cartoons all the way to the art of nature or experiences with my loved ones.

Nick: Describe your favorite place to get creative.
Hakim: I feel most creative wherever I can get most comfortable. Lately I’ve been working out of home a lot in close proximity to my PlayStation.

Nick: What song on your playlist do you keep putting on repeat?
Hakim: “DisAintDat!” by OG Vern at least three times a day for good luck.

Nick: If you could have dinner with anyone living or dead, who would it be?
Hakim: I’d eat seafood with my dad; I miss him all the time.

Hakim Callwood. local artist.
Hakim Callwood. Photo by Wyzeart.

Nick: What’s the best thing about the Columbus arts scene right now?
Hakim: The best thing about our art scene to me is that people aren’t being afraid to try new things. Not only will they try something outside of the norm, but they will support vocally, financially, etc. whatever they have to offer. I know we still have work to do as a community and I see and appreciate the effort.

Nick: Where can people find you and your work?
Hakim: The easiest place to find me is online on social media. I’m @HakimsArtNStuff (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter). Besides that, I like to float from spot to spot gaining new friends, supporters and perspectives. You can find some of my work hanging in El Camino Inn, 129 Studios, and on April 13 I’ll be at Namaste In Love (101 Mill St. in Gahanna) for the Creekside Art Walk. Besides that, I’m always in Franklinton and Old Towne East.

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