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Columbus Makes Art Presents: Chloe Napoletano and Hana Newfeld Making an Impact on the Community

Jane D’Angelo Jane D’Angelo Columbus Makes Art Presents: Chloe Napoletano and Hana Newfeld Making an Impact on the CommunityThe OhioDance Festival and Conference is coming in April. Photo by Kate Sweeney.
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Chloe Napoletano and Hana Newfeld will perform in the evening concert at the OhioDance Festival and Conference, April 26-28. Co-hosted and held at The Ohio State University, Dance, Sullivant Hall, 1813 N. High St. Napoletano is a dance educator and community dance practitioner, and Newfeld gets behind the scenes by stage managing, designing costumes and documenting dance. OhioDance Executive Director Jane D’Angelo met with them to learn more about their practice and interests.

Jane: Your choreographic work has been chosen for the OhioDance Festival Concert. Can you tell us something about what the audience can expect from your performance?
Chloe: There is an otherworldliness to this dance that audience members can expect to see and feel. This “other world” is grounded through an exploration of human relationships and familiar emotions. The music drops audience members into an environment filled with tender warmth but with a few surprising twists and turns.

Jane: You are the co-choreographers for this piece. Can you explain the process as collaborators?
Hana: We are very close friends outside of the studio and this closeness plays an important role when we make dances. Sometimes we both make separate solos that become a duet or get chopped up and dispersed throughout the dance. At other times, we work together on the same choreography, bouncing back and forth between ideas.

Ohio Dance Festival dancers.
Chloe and Hana. Photo by Jacs Fishburne.

Jane: Do you have any pre-performance traditions or habits?
Chloe: We like to drive to the theater together. We contact improvise to get warm and connect to each other on a deep level.

Jane: What prompted you to study dance in school? Why Ohio State?
Hana: Some dancers who start out while they are young will continue on to college to study dance to deepen their technique, their artistry and begin a career in dance. OSU has a very inclusive dance program and encourages undergraduate dance students to explore several paths within the dance field such as dance making, performing, costume design, lighting, set design, teaching, notating, grant writing, etc. Chloe and I chose different focuses at OSU, and years later, this has enabled us to bring different skill sets to this partnership, creating a holistic approach to making and producing dance.

Ohio Dance Festival in Columbus.
Chloe and Hana. Photo by Kate Sweeney.

Jane: What is the best thing about the Columbus art scene right now?
Hana: The outpouring of support and excitement surrounding artists. Columbus is always trying to support local, and that includes their artists. It’s really humbling to have someone stop you on the street and say, “I saw you in that dance show!” It makes us feel like we’re really making an impact on our community.

Jane: What are your hobbies and enjoyable moments outside of dance?
Chloe: We are cat owners and lovers. My cat is named Noki and Hana’s cat is named Lacey. We also love to go see art together, and support cute local Columbus shops and bars!

Jane: Would you like to mention anything else?
Chloe and Hana: We are so excited to be showing this piece to you all! It is one that we hold close to our hearts, and we hope you enjoy!

OhioDance invites you to attend/and or volunteer at the OhioDance Festival and Conference April 26-28., Co-hosted and held at The Ohio State University, Dance in Sullivant Hall, 1813 N. High St. Please call or email us for discounted tickets at [email protected] or (614) 224-2913. Register online at ohiodance.org/festival/registration/.

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