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Columbus Makes Art Presents: Artist Kathryn Seyerle Debuts Solo Exhibition at 934 Gallery

Liz Martin Liz Martin Columbus Makes Art Presents: Artist Kathryn Seyerle Debuts Solo Exhibition at 934 GalleryA view of Kathryn Sereyle in her studio. Photo by Sarah Achor.
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Multidisciplinary artist Kathryn Seyerle is having her first solo show, Therefore I Am, in 934 Gallery’s February exhibition Where You Come From. Kathryn Seyerle grew up in Indiana and Kentucky and lived in the Pacific Northwest for almost seven years before moving to Columbus in April 2013. She received a BFA in book arts from the University of Kentucky in 2002 and an MFA in poetry from Spalding University in 2004.

Liz: Tell us what Columbus, as a city, brings to the table for you as an artist.
Kathryn: Columbus has brought friends, support, community and a sense of real belonging.

Multidisciplinary artist Kathryn Seyerle
Multidisciplinary artist Kathryn Seyerle

Liz: You’re a multi-disciplinary artist; what is your favorite type of art to create (right now) and why?
Kathryn: I’ve always been a found object artist and love the challenge of using what’s at hand. Right now it’s been figuring out ways to incorporate old yarn and thread that once belonged to my mother.

Liz: What does having a solo show mean to you as an artist, and what is the inspiration behind it?
Kathryn: This show is a culmination of things from the past few decades, but it is also a beginning. I feel like this show is me making my peace with my past as well embracing it, which has enabled me to look forward with a greater sense of freedom and purpose. The art is inspired by the influence of my mother, grandmother and great-grandmother, which is ultimately my foundation as an artist. There’s a fair amount of goddess mythology in this as well.

A view of Kathryn’s studio desk.

Liz: Tell us the piece you’re most excited for us to see.
Kathryn: I’m excited for people to read the room as a whole. It tells a story that I think people will be able to identify with on some level.

Liz: What’s on your gallery playlist?
Kathryn: It would be a mix of Dolly Parton, Valerie June, Leonard Cohen and Prince with some bluegrass and 60’s French music thrown in.

artwork by Kathryn Sereyle. multidisciplinary artist in columbus.
Work by Kathryn Sereyle. Left: embroidered haiku. Right: intersex goddess eyes.

Liz: What’s the best thing about the Columbus arts scene right now?
Kathryn: The people, hands down.

934 Gallery invites you to experience their February exhibition Where You Come From featuring a dual exhibition, HOMEGROWN by Dejiah Archie-Davis and Regina Zehner that will be located in the main gallery space, and solo exhibition, Therefore I Am by Kathryn Seyerle that will be located in the installation room at 934 Cleveland Ave. Columbus, OH 43201. Opening Reception is Friday, Feb. 1, 7-10 p.m. Gallery Hours are Saturday, Feb. 2, noon to 4 p.m. The exhibition is on view Feb. 1-15.

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