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Columbus Makes Art Presents: Artist Emma Haase on the Glass Axis Pumpkin Patch

Alex Fresch Alex Fresch Columbus Makes Art Presents: Artist Emma Haase on the Glass Axis Pumpkin PatchEmma Haase working in the studio at Glass Axis. Photo by Rex Brown.
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In October, Glass Axis hosts its annual Pumpkin Patch glass art sale Oct. 7-9 in Franklinton. Emma Haase is one of the artists who will have items for sale, as well as one of the instructors for the public hands-on pumpkin making classes that will be offered during the event.

Alex: What have you been doing to get prepared for this sale?
I’ve been making pumpkins! I’ve been experimenting with different stem shapes and colors. Glass Axis provides me with an awesome opportunity to practice making them as part of their production team, which is a great way for me to volunteer and give back to Glass Axis, but also helps me perfect my own technique. My pumpkins keep getting better and better. I’ve already made 30 in the past couple of weeks and by the time the Pumpkin Patch starts, I should have plenty to fill my table.

Emma Haase getting ready for the upcoming Glass Axis Pumpkin Patch. Photo by Rex Brown.

Emma Haase getting ready for the upcoming Glass Axis Pumpkin Patch. Photo by Rex Brown.

Alex: And you will also be teaching a class during the sale?
Yes, I am one of the instructors. One of the classes I teach people is making blown glass pumpkins. I volunteer some of my time to teach during the sale in exchange for my entrance fee to participate in the event. I think I’ll be pretty busy since glass classes are offered at a discounted rate during the weekend of the event.

Alex: How long have you been working as an instructor at Glass Axis?
I’ve been teaching classes at Glass Axis for about three months now, but I’ve been working with glass for three years. I originally started out at The Ohio State University as a photography major. I was told if I took a glass class I would want to switch majors. I seriously doubted that would happen, so on a dare, I took the glass class. I guess I lost that bet as I’ve been working in glass ever since.

Alex: Do you have any certain routine when you are making your pumpkins?
I like to listen to Jim Croce radio on Pandora while I’m blowing glass. His blend of folk and soft rock puts me in just the right mood to relax to be my most creative.

Glass Axis will hold its annual Pumpkin Patch sale Oct. 7-9 at their studio and gallery at 610 W. Town St. in Franklinton. During that weekend, dozens of regional artists will display their fall-themed glass art. Glass Axis will also be offering discounted classes for glass pumpkin making and pumpkin beads.

Columbus Makes Art Presents is a bi-weekly column brought to you by the Greater Columbus Arts Council – supporting art and advancing culture in Columbus. The column is a project of the Art Makes Columbus campaign, telling the inspiring stories of the people and organizations who create Columbus art. Each column will be written by a different local arts organization to give you an insiders look at how #artmakescbus.

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