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Columbus Makes Art Presents: Abigail Worden, D&D and Marrying Ellen Page

Colleen Dunne Colleen Dunne Columbus Makes Art Presents: Abigail Worden, D&D and Marrying Ellen PageAbigail Worden makes her MadLab debut as Kerouac in Happy Pills.
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This month, Abigail Worden makes her MadLab debut as Kerouac in Happy Pills by Alyssa Cokinis. Colleen Dunne, Publicity Coordinator at MadLab, recently hit up Abigail for this Q&A.

Abigail Worden.

Colleen: How did you first get involved in theater? 
Abigail: My first theatrical position was running spotlight for my high school’s production of West Side Story — funnily enough, I was too shy to be onstage but was fascinated by theater and knew I wanted to participate somehow. Back then I was kind of quiet and really kept to myself, but I had a wild imagination and absolutely loved reading, especially when imagining how characters would look and move and speak. My junior year, my director asked me to audition for a play just as a favor to her, just to see what would happen. And it was amazing, like a lightbulb moment: “This is just living the stories I’ve been picturing in my head, this is just a way to share them.” The audition was a blast. I got one of the lead characters.

Colleen: What is your favorite way to express yourself, artistically?
Abigail: Hands down, it’s playing “Dungeons and Dragons.” When I’m not onstage, that’s where I get my thrill — as silly as that may sound! I love books, I love theater, I love stories — D&D is taking all those loves and turning it into live improv with my best friends. There’s a real art to embodying and expressing a character that YOU invented yourself, while also keeping rules and mechanics in the back of your mind. I seriously recommend it to actors.

A scene from Happy Pills.

Colleen: Who do you have a talent crush on?
Abigail: I just finished watching (aka, binging) The Umbrella Academy on Netflix, so Robert Sheehan is my immediate answer. He took a character that could have been so tropey and one-note and created some deeply emotional, engaging dimensions that made me want to rewind to watch his scenes again and again.

Colleen: How do you incorporate art into your life on a daily/regular basis?
Abigail: As a touring actor with Columbus Children’s Theatre, I get to spend my workday bringing performances and theater workshops to elementary students all across Ohio. I didn’t really have access to theater until I was in high school, so getting to share these stories and lessons with young kids is fantastic. I am super passionate about including art in education. I’m so lucky to be providing art as my profession.

Abigail Worden

Colleen: F***, Marry, Kill: Ryan Gosling, Channing Tatum, Chris Pratt.
Abigail: That’s easy — kill them all. Find Ellen Page. Marry her.

MadLab invites you to see Abigail make her debut in Happy Pills, running Fridays and Saturdays through March 23. All showtimes are 8 p.m. MadLab is located at 227 N. Third St. Downtown. For more information and to purchase tickets, visit madlab.net.

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