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Columbus Jazz Orchestra profiled in UWeekly

Walker Evans Walker Evans
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UWeekly wrote Columbus Jazz Orchestra

October 15, 2008

By Brett Pohlman

Oh, remember the good ole days of flappers, speakeasies, and the Charleston. Times were carefree, and Americans still listened to the radio for most of their entertainment. Of course, none of us really “remember” the 1920s, because we did not exist; nevertheless, we know about the 1920s, thanks to our seventh grade history teachers.

There is one sound that comes to mind when we think of the 1920s – jazz music! Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington are two names that come to mind when we think of jazz’s breakout in popularity. If reading about Jazz and the ’20s is giving you the urge to tap your feet and sing out “Hey Dolly,” then you would be interested to know that the Columbus Jazz Orchestra is playing this Wednesday-Sunday at the Southern Theatre. Their show is entitled “The Roaring ’20s,” and it is a part of their “Swingin’ at the Southern” series.


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