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Columbus Firefighter Being Treated for Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Walker Evans Walker Evans Columbus Firefighter Being Treated for Coronavirus (COVID-19)
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Officials with the City of Columbus reported today that a firefighter/EMT with the Columbus Division of Fire has tested positive for COVID-19, also known as Coronavirus. The firefighter became ill last week and is currently being isolated at home under a doctor’s care.

The firefighter was assigned to Station 24 located at Karl and Morse Roads. The station is now offline for several hours today for a professional sanitation while all thirty-one other firefighters at the station are being tested.

“We are well prepared for emergencies, including the outbreak of COVID-19,” stated Columbus Fire Chief Kevin O’Connor in a release issued today. “Because our firefighters work in teams and they train together, eat together and sleep in the same areas, they are at risk for possible exposure. We must be diligent in protecting our greatest assets — our firefighter/EMTs — so that they can continue to protect and serve the people of Columbus.”

For more information, visit www.columbus.gov/publichealth/.

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