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Columbus Curbside Recycling Program Unveiled

Walker Evans Walker Evans
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Mayor Coleman and other city and community leaders unveiled their recommendations for a comprehensive curbside recycling program today. The program was put together utilizing information gathered from a recent community survey to gauge public opinion on various types of recycling options.

The proposed plan calls for an alternating bi-weekly rotation between yard waste collection and recycling collection. The proposed recycling bin would be a 65-gallon cart, slightly smaller than the standard 90-gallon trash cart currently used for residential households. Recycling waste collection would include paper, plastic, glass, and metal.

“I want to commend our residents for taking the time to give us the feedback we need to put together a true comprehensive curbside recycling program for 2012,” Mayor Coleman said during today’s announcement event. “In the meantime I ask our residents to recycle today through our voluntary subscription program or our drop-box program.”

An additional community briefing on the new recycling proposal will take place at City Hall tonight at 5:30pm. Details on that event can be found HERE.

More information can be found online at RecycleColumbus.org.

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