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Columbus Councilmember Mitchell Brown Announces Year End Retirement

Walker Evans Walker Evans Columbus Councilmember Mitchell Brown Announces Year End RetirementMitchell Brown in 2017 — Photo by Lauren Sega.
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Just one week after Councilmember Priscilla Tyson announced her upcoming departure from Columbus City Council, Mitchell J. Brown followed suit with an announcement of his own today. Brown has served in the position for nearly six years and will not be seeking re-election for a second full term.

“It has been an incredible journey,” stated Brown. “My 20 years of service to the City of Columbus, at both City Council and Public Safety, have been humbling, challenging and rewarding. I am a 13-year cancer survivor and have devoted my life to being a public servant. Now, I want to take the time to enjoy my family.”

Brown was first appointed to Columbus City Council in January 2016, filling a vacant seat left by former Councilmember Eileen Paley. Prior to Columbus City Council, Brown served as Public Safety Director for 14 years before retiring in 2014 after official reprimands came to his office from former Councilmember Zach Klein and former Mayor Michael Coleman about multiple problems within the Columbus Police Department and the 311 reporting system.

In 2017, Mitchell Brown formally ran for election after serving over a year as an interim appointment on City Council. He won his seat in November 2017 along with two other incumbents, providing him with the full four year term through the end of 2021.

While serving on City Council, Brown led committees focused on Veteran’s Affairs, Seniors Services and Public Safety.

“Councilmember Brown is a living legend in the realm of public service and public safety,” stated Columbus City Council President Shannon Hardin. “From traumatic experiences early in life, he went forth to serve our nation in Vietnam, and, upon returning home, he helped create the modern EMS service in Pittsburgh with Freedom House Ambulance. He continued honing and improving public safety systems in Cleveland and Columbus, and he served the State of Ohio under two Governors. Through it all, his humility and patience left every person he touched better off.”

Brown’s final day in office will be December 31, 2021.

Columbus voters will decide upon three council members during this year’s election on November 2nd. Columbus City Council President Shannon Hardin is running for re-election while both Tyson and Brown’s ballot spots will be filled by two new candidates, selected by a five-member appointment committee prior to the election. Two additional candidates are also on November’s ballot: Lourdes Barroso de Padilla and Tom Sussi.

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