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Columbus City Schools Levy by the Numbers: Part Three

Miriam Bowers Abbott Miriam Bowers Abbott Columbus City Schools Levy by the Numbers: Part ThreePhoto by Walker Evans.
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When the Franklin County Board of Elections posted its updated campaign contribution reports, it unleashed an avalanche of fun numbers for math fans. As a result, here is the third list of figures pertaining to the Columbus City Schools levy (Issue 57) this November. Readers will find a mix of district and campaign data here. As is now the tradition, you can interpret the numbers for yourself, and cross-check them with links at the bottom of the page.

The 2013 value of the Nationwide Arena property, as assigned by the county auditor: $143.4M

The value in 2016, according to the Columbus Board of Education: $35.6M

Reduction in Nationwide Arena’s property taxes that would have benefited schools: 75%

Total of two checks in August and October to the levy campaign from Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company: $100,000

Date of the Board of Education’s vote to transfer district property to New Albany: 10/4/16

Amount of compensation the district received for this transfer: $0

Amount of money donated to the Levy campaign via “DD” (typically stands for “direct deposit”) on 10/4/16 from Limited Brands: $50,000

Number of district Donors Choose classroom requests that could each be fully funded with less than $200: 8

According to the annual state audit report of of Columbus City schools, the per-pupil cost: $19,101

Page on which this data appears: 212

Population decline in enrolled district first graders documented by the Ohio Department of Education, pairing 2013/14 with 2015/16: 4,730 to 4,553

Population decline of sixth graders, during the same time period: 3,471 to 3,258

Population decline of twelfth graders, during the same time period: 2,408 to 2,124

Projected length of time the district can continue operations with current funding: two more years.


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