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Columbus Brewing Company Plans to Expand Brewery

Ayana Wilson Ayana Wilson Columbus Brewing Company Plans to Expand Brewery
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It’s one of the best problems to have if you’re in the craft beer business: “out-of-stock”. Columbus Brewing Company, which was purchased by brewmaster Eric Bean and his wife, Beth, three years ago, is on track to brew some 12,000 barrels this year, and at the current location, that can’t happen.

See, industry practices dictate that there should be one square foot of space per barrel produced. The current brewery, located at 525 Short Street in the Brewery District, is only 6,000 square feet, short by half of what Bean’s goals are for 2014.

The brewery itself is no longer affiliated with the restaurant side of the business, so the expansion is one purely for the sake of the beer. For the past few years, tanks and kegs have been added, and upgrades have been made to both the bottle and keg lines. But, it’s not enough.

Demand for several of CBC’s brews, including the IPA and Bodhi, has forced Bean to start the search. An ideal location has not yet been found, but Bean knows what he’s looking for: space enough for big tanks, a new bottling line and lab, a pilot brewhouse for experimentation, a tour center, and tasting room.

There’s, unfortunately, not a lot of the open warehouse space the kind Bean’s looking for in Columbus, so he’s scouting round the clock till he finds the right fit for his future projections. Known for their hoppy beers, CBC  is poised to show us all just what they can really brew.

“When Beth and I purchased the brewery three years ago, we did it with growth in mind,” shares Bean. “We love living in this city and believe that with the right team, we could grow Columbus Brewing Company into an industry leader.”

Ninety percent of CBC’s beers are sold right here and in North East Ohio. With this growth, they hope to extend their reach throughout the entire state.

To follow Columbus Brewing Company’s expansion plans, visit www.columbusbrewing.com.

Photo via CBC.

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