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Columbus becomes ‘center’ of wine world

Walker Evans Walker Evans
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The Dispatch wrote Columbus becomes ‘center’ of wine world

Thursday, March 27, 2008 3:06 AM


Here’s another way Columbus can market itself: We’re the capital of guilt-free wine drinking. Two experts recently co-wrote a study on the “carbon footprint” of wine. Because shipping wine generates greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming, the experts wanted to know which was more environmentally friendly: buying wine from California or buying it from France.

Their study determined a “green line,” east of which it makes more environmental sense to buy from France and west of which it makes more environmental sense to buy from California. And guess through which major metropolitan area that line runs? That’s right: We’re the Continental Divide of vino.

Of course, we have a third wine option: Drink Ohio wines. Colman endorses the idea of drinking locally, with one caution: Heating your house, driving your car and eating meat have a much bigger effect on global warming than drinking wine, even a faraway vintage.


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