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Columbus-Based Subscription Box Service Delivers Toys and Treats for Pets

Taijuan Moorman Taijuan Moorman Columbus-Based Subscription Box Service Delivers Toys and Treats for PetsPhoto courtesy of TheDoggieBox.com
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Columbus-based subscription service TheDoggieBox.com joins the large number of box services out right now, but with a twist: It offers toys and treats for dogs of all sizes.

DoggieBox’s founder, Jeff Dyer, has always wanted to work with dogs.

“I had a mentor that challenged me to make money from my passion. Realizing that I cannot be around dogs 24-7 because of my allergy to certain breeds—I realized that a Doggie Day Care is out,” he says.

Years later, after finding a dog that wouldn’t upset his allergies, he took on the process of researching treats for his new addition.

“I quickly found that just going to the big box companies to buy her treats was boring. I would research small businesses and make sure they sourced their ingredients and made their treats in the USA,” he says. “This process allowed me to not only support small business but made sure I was giving my dog the healthiest options.”

“Since I was already doing the research on treats for my dog,” he says. “I started to think that I cannot be the only person doing this, so that is when I put it all together.”

Each subscription box comes with five to seven new dog toys and full-sized treats made domestically. DoggieBox also offers a birthday box, complete with an organic birthday cake and balloons, and a holiday box.

The treats offered aren’t found in big box stores and are acquired from other small businesses.

The challenge Dyer faces comes standard to small businesses. He’s competing with large corporations, who can offer lower prices because of their larger purchasing power. He’s also working with a small staff. “On a daily basis I am doing everything from customer service, to marketing, to procurement of product to fulfillment,” he says.

However, this isn’t any deterrence for Dyer.

“I am dedicated to continue to purchase as much product from other small businesses and continue to offer unique items in our box,” Dyer says.

For more information, visit thedoggiebox.com.


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