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CoGo Expanding to East Franklinton, South Campus and Beyond

Walker Evans Walker Evans CoGo Expanding to East Franklinton, South Campus and Beyond
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While CoGo will not be expanding to cover the entire campus of The Ohio State University this year, it will still be expanding to other high-demand areas throughout the central city. Plans to add new stations first surfaced back in December, and a meeting this past week between City administrators and CoGo management helped to prioritize the placement of eight new stations, bringing the total number in the system to 38.

One new proposed station location is the eastern edge of German Village in the Schumacher Place neighborhood, somewhere in the vicinity of  Giant Eagle and Barcelona. That station would also be within close proximity for visitors to Schimidt’s, Schiller Park and other nearby destinations.

Another proposed station location would expand the system westward to East Franklinton. The station would be set up somewhere between Strongwater Food & Spirits and The Land Grant Brewing Company, which would also service riders headed to the Columbus Idea Foundry, Rehab Tavern and new apartments that will begin construction soon.

The remaining six stations will expand the system deeper into the Victorian Village and Harrison West neighborhoods, and further north on High Street to the south campus area.

“We’re just now getting our public outreach lists compiled and will start meeting with neighborhood associations and businesses to finalize exact placement of stations and engage folks to help get the word out,” said Heather Bowden, General Manager at CoGo.

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