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CoGo Bike Share Streamlines Rentals with Transit App Partnership

Walker Evans Walker Evans CoGo Bike Share Streamlines Rentals with Transit App Partnership
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If you’re interested in utilizing the CoGo Bike Share system, but don’t want to commit to an annual membership, then a new partnership with an app-based service will help you streamline the process and get to riding. Users of Transit App will now be able to begin the bike rental process, purchase a day pass and skip the time-consuming kiosk for renting a bike.

The same fee structure applies for CoGo when utilizing Transit App. A day pass costs $6 and includes unlimited 30 minute station-to-station trips for a 24 hour period. An annual membership for the system is $75.

“Transit App allows for great features and is a huge convenience for our casual riders,” said Derek Wurst, General Manager for CoGo Bike Share.

In addition to CoGo rentals, Transit App also works for reserving car2go vehicles, requesting Uber rides, and for checking COTA bus schedules. Transit App current works for transportation services in 125 cities.

“Our goal is to convince Columbus residents they have a real alternative to owning a car,” said Sam Vermette, CEO of Transit App. “We think our partnership with CoGo highlights how rapidly urban mobility in Columbus is evolving.”

Since launching in July 2013, the CoGo Bike Share system has expanded to 41 stations throughout the central city, and has served over 116,000 trips spanning 322,000 miles.

For more information, visit CoGoBikeShare.com and TransitApp.com.

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