CMC + Relay Local Music Compilation Released

Walker Evans Walker Evans
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Continuing in their ongoing quest to support the local music scene, The Columbus Music Co-Op has recently teamed up with Relay Recording to produce the CMC + Relay Local Music Compilation CD.

We recently caught up with Erin Moore, co-Founder of the Columbus Music Co-Op to find out more about the project and their upcoming release party at the North Market this weekend.

Q) How did the concept for the compilation CD come to be?

A) Jon Fintel from Relay approached the CMC in late 2008 and said he wanted to do a community service project. Since he owns a recording studio, we thought that a local music comp was a nice natural fit. We (the CMC) love love love local music (obviously) and we thought it was important to showcase some of the great bands/artists in town. We also thought this could be a nice opportunity to give some younger artists, who had never had a chance to record professionally, a chance to record a song in a professional studio. We picked a mixture of established bands and new artists… bands recorded from March through October in 2009, so it was a long process! Jon donated all the studio time, mixing, mastering, etc, and the bands donated their music and time too!

Q) With the CMC being a non-profit, can you tell us a bit about what the proceeds from CD sales will help fund?

A) The proceeds from the project benefit our Columbus Musicians’ Assistance Program (CMAP) which gives grants to musicians without health insurance. The program helps musicians with any type of health related issues… whether it be a root canal or a pair of new glasses, or to help offset hospital/medical bills from a catastrophic accident.

Q) The CMC + Relay Local Music Comp had the first release party recently. What’s the reaction been like so far?

A) Our first CD show at Carabar was awesome! We had a great turnout that night which was really fun. We are also really happy to have received a great reaction to the CD… I love how the CD goes from quirky electronic music (Shin Tower Music) to heavy metal (Deadsea) to pop folk (Jordan Martin). I’m really proud of the finished project, but really, it’s just a reflection of the amazing music our Columbus artists are producing!

Q) Do you have any personal favorite songs on the album?

A) Well, I feel like all 11 songs are my babies and I love them all equally!  But I really love the Bookmobile song which kicks off the record… the song is a tribute to Columbus musicians and to me, it kind of sums up how we, the CMC, feels about Columbus musicians.

Q) You’ve got another release party coming up this weekend at the North Market. Tell us what we can expect at that show.

A) The North Market show is on Sunday, February 28th from 1-5 pm in the Dispatch Kitchen. The show is free, but we’re suggesting a $5 donation. One of our artists is a 17 year old high school junior (Jordan Martin) and when we were putting together the events we had in the back of our mind that we wanted a show that Jordan could play and her friends could attend… so it was really important to us to have a non-bar, all ages show too. The CMC also has a goal of bringing music to alternative venues and we love Mary Martineau at the North Market, so we thought this would be a great match. This show will be a little more acoustic and is defnitely family friendly.  And, to take advantage of the awesome Kitchen space, we’re going to have vendors like What the Rock, Sweet Stella Designs and Amy D join us for the day and we’ll have the amazing Dr. Silverfoot making balloon animals for the kids. Performing, we have a special acoustic set by the Flotation Walls, Dan and Sean from Bookmobile doing a special stripped down performance, Time & Temperature and Jordan Martin.

More information about the CMC + Relay Local Music Comp can be found at ColumbusMusicCoop.org. More information about Relay Recording can be found at RelayRecording.com.

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