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Clintonville is a Hub for Antique and Vintage Shopping

Randi Walle Randi Walle Clintonville is a Hub for Antique and Vintage ShoppingMid-century modern classics from the Boomerang Room — Photo by Randi Walle.
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Is there a difference between “vintage” and “antique” items? One quick stop in a store claiming either title and the shopper will instantly realize there is quite a difference.

Stephanie Russi, co-owner of Down Memory Lane antique store, said that the difference has to do with age. In her opinion, an item must be from before the 1940’s to be considered antique, and anything newer is considered vintage.

“Antiques are items people buy because of their brand or era,” explained Bree, who works part-time in the Bundle on High vintage store. “Vintage is more of an idea and specific look.”

Whatever your answer to the question might be, Clintonville is home to its own pocket of stores that meet both the antique and vintage shoppers’ needs. Everything from old books to retro lamps to records can be found in one of the many stores that populate the intersection of High Street and Como Avenue, just south of North Broadway.

Today we’re highlighting some of best of the best from those stores, showcasing each store’s specific taste and unique items:

#1: Boomerang Room

#2: Down Memory Lane

#3: Bundle on High

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