Cleveland-Based “One Deck Dungeon Digital” Kickstarter Ending Soon

Cody Starcher Cody Starcher Cleveland-Based “One Deck Dungeon Digital” Kickstarter Ending Soon
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Cleveland-based game studio, Handelabra Games, has less than a day to finish out their already successful Kickstarter for their next game, One Deck Dungeon. The game, which is a digital recreation of Asmadi Games’ tabletop game which rose over $120,000 via its own Kickstarter, involves players fighting their way through dungeons created by a deck of monsters, traps, and loot.

One Deck Dungeon puts players in the role of 1 of 5 characters (although the backers have unlocked more characters as Kickstarter Rewards) and dive into a dungeon created by a shuffled deck of encounter cards. These cards involve monsters to fight or traps to overcome, all of which is settled via rolling dice. If a player overcomes these encounters, they can earn loot and proceed further into the dungeon, where they’ll eventually encounter the final boss.

Currently, the game is planned for release for PC, Mac, and Linux (via Steam) in April of 2018. Handelabra has also announced plans for a tablet version of the game to come out after the Steam release as well. In fact, they have created a tier within their Kickstarter which brings the planned release of the Tablet version closer by one hour for every backer they get at that tier (as of writing, the Tablet version of the game will be coming out 2 weeks after the Steam Launch), which is one of the most interesting ways I’ve seen a release be incentivized on Kickstarter.

As other incentives for the project go, Handelabra has created a Treasure Chest of items that include digital rewards for backers who support the project at a tier including the chest, or who add on the chest after their tier has been chosen. So far the chest contains a digital copy of the soundtrack, new boss monster dungeons, and additional characters for the game (including a crossover from their previous title, Sentinels of the Multiverse). The studio has also promised to release all of these items at a later date if you missed the Kickstarter.

Handelabra Games, who has created previous recreations of popular tabletop games Sentinels of the Multiverse and Bottom of the Ninth, was formed in 2009 (as Handelabra Studio) by owners Jeremy Handel and John Arnold. The small studio started working on apps, such as an Alarm Clock app or Hairstyle Catalogue, but it was their first game, Uncle Slam, that caused the change to Handelabra Games in 2013. After releasing Uncle Slam, they partnered with the tabletop game publisher, Greater Than Games, to create a Digital Version of the popular Sentinels of the Multiverse, and have been working on converting Board and Tabletop Games to digital platforms ever since.

If all of this sounds like an awesome game to you, or if you just want to help out some Ohio made games, the One Deck Dungeon Kickstarter ends at 1:00 PM on Dec 1st. The original tabletop version of the game is also available for sale if you are interested in that as well.

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