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CLEAVER Replacing The Old Spot

Susan Post Susan Post CLEAVER Replacing The Old SpotPhoto by Susan Post
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As promised, a new meat-centric restaurant is replacing The Old Spot in Grandview.

Taking up residence at 1099 W. First Ave., CLEAVER will be for the meat eaters and focus on a menu exclusively sourced from Ohio farmers and makers whenever possible. Jay Kleven, most recently the executive chef of Rockmill Tavern, will be at the helm in the kitchen.

“We have had a vision of The Butcher & Grocer having a leading role in a restaurant and now we are there,” says Owner Matt Evans, who originally invested in the butcher shop.

When The Old Spot closed in late June, Tony Tanner, owner of The Butcher & Grocer, and Evans retained ownership of the space with plans for a new concept.

“I’m beyond excited for this opportunity,” Kleven says. “Tony and Matt share a common vision for the restaurant, and it is one I believe in as well -sustainability, using Ohio product at the peak of freshness and focusing on using everything the product provides us, from tail to snout and from root to leaf.”

Evans says it’s going to be a long soft opening for the space, which will not be open to the public right away. Instead, they’ll host a series of dinner parties better suited for the current dining environment due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Guests will pre-purchase tickets for a private, six-to-eight course dining experience, with an option for drink pairings. The restaurant will host two seatings per evening with up to 20 guests per time block to maintain social distancing.

“As we continue down a path of COVID uncertainty, Dinner Party will do several things for the restaurant,” Tanner says. “First, we can control all our costs. Second, guests will essentially be guiding us on what our menu will be when we can fully open our doors. Finally, and most importantly, we can strictly control the dining room, which will provide an environment where everyone (guests and staff) will be safe and comfortable.”

CLEAVER’s first dinner parties will be held Friday, August 7 and Saturday, August 8. Until the restaurant can fully open, Dinner Party evenings are slated for Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights.

“It’s a crazy and exciting time to be in the restaurant business and we believe people still want to go out and have a nice dinner,” Tanner says. “Dinner Party provides that opportunity in a very secured environment.  We’ve had great success with these types of events at The Butcher & Grocer and now we can do it here.”

Ticketing information will be made available through social media.

For more information, visit facebook.com/cleavergrandview.

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