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CivitasNow Installs Hanging Vegetable Garden at Dinin’ Hall

Walker Evans Walker Evans CivitasNow Installs Hanging Vegetable Garden at Dinin’ Hall
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If you’ve been to Dinin’ Hall in Franklinton to enjoy some food trucks, but thought that the exterior environment was a bit too stark, then you’ll be please to see some new changes the next time you return. Alternative advertising agency CivitasNow has recently installed a new hanging garden on the outside of the building.

This installation was designed to showcase innovation urban gardening techniques and inspire social living. The “cube garden” is made up of 16 burlap-covered crates filled with vegetable plants. Visitors to 400 West Rich are encouraged to water plants and pick veggies from the containers.

CivitasNow is the brainchild of local entrepreneurs Matthew Barnes and Jacob Taylor. The duo launched the media business in the Spring of 2012 to deliver messages in original and innovative ways. At May’s Pecha Kucha event, they distributed vegetable plants and seedlings in White Castle slider boxes and Jeni’s Ice Cream containers.

“We wanted to demonstrate how easy independent food production can be,” said Jacob Taylor, Co-Founder of CivitasNow. “Our mission is to provide environmentally friendly ways of living and working.”

More information will be available online soon at www.civitasnow.com.

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