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City officials solicit names of problem bars

Walker Evans Walker Evans
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Columbus Local News wrote City officials solicit names of problem bars

Published: Monday, July 14, 2008

Columbus City Council is beginning action that could lead to last call in some local bars. Council and City Attorney Richard Pfeiffer have initiated the annual process to object to the renewal of liquor permits in what city officials describe as “problem establishments.”

Each year, council makes formal objection to the renewal of liquor permits held by some establishments throughout the city. The establishments are so chosen by evidence that they have operated outside the law or in conflict with the public good.

The city is soliciting suggestions from local area commissions, civic associations and block watches, said Andrew Ginther, head of council’s public safety committee. Names of problem bars can be directed to Assistant City Attorney Natalia Harris by phone, 614-645-4980, or via e-mail at [email protected]; or by contacting Ginther’s aide, Kenneth Paul, at 614-645-2931, or [email protected]


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