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April Fools: City Hall Relocating to Franklinton

Walker Evans Walker Evans April Fools: City Hall Relocating to Franklinton
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The momentum in Franklinton continues to grow in 2014, with new art studios, creative businesses, bars, restaurants and residential communities all working toward making a new home in the neighborhood. The Idea Foundry, Glass Axis, Land Grant Brewing and the Independents’ Day Festival have all recently announced relocations to Franklinton, and another high-profile neighbor is slated to join them: Columbus City Hall.

“The Mayor is very excited to join in the ongoing revitalization efforts occurring just west of the Scioto River,” said a spokesperson from the Mayor’s Office. “Many grassroots efforts have already taken shape, and the relocation of City Hall is expected to help bring a top-down approach to The Bottoms.”

According to the press release from Mayor Coleman, the relocation of the city’s government offices to Franklinton will be a great fit for having bureaucrats intermingle with the creative community. New ideas and fresh approaches to government policies are expected to be discovered over coffee at coworking spaces or over Gin Sweeney cocktails at Strongwater.

“We couldn’t be more excited about the news,” shares Jim Sweeney, namesake of the Gin Sweeney cocktail, and Executive Director of Franklinton Development Association. “We’ve grown a bit tired of the regular commute to City Hall for permits, meetings, awards and other recognition, so it works perfectly for us to have City Hall join us over on this side of the river.”

A specific location for the new City Hall offices has not been named, but multiple properties are being explored. A new build is not likely, as Mayor Coleman has expressed interest in seeing the new City Hall repurpose an old church, a contaminated industrial building, or even a simple cinder-block structure home to a former auto repair shop.

There’s no word on whether or not members of City Council share the Mayor’s enthusiasm for the relocation. John Ivanic, spokesman for City Council, could not be reached for comment.

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