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Chick-fil-A Plans to Keep Tee Jaye’s Sign

Susan Post Susan Post Chick-fil-A Plans to Keep Tee Jaye’s SignChick-fil-A will give the Tee Jaye's sign in Clintonville a modern update - Photo by Susan Post
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An iconic piece of the North High Street landscape in Clintonville is sticking around as a long-standing local restaurant says goodbye and Chick-fil-A swoops in.

When Tee Jaye’s announced in February it would be closing its Clintonville restaurant at 4910 N. High St., the discussion quickly turned to what would happen to the large neon sign as rumblings of the chain’s interest began.

The sign, which was initially constructed in 1961, landed on Columbus Landmark’s list of most endangered buildings…er, sites, for 2021 due to a change in businesses and the sign not meeting current zoning code.

However, there is good news – Chick-fil-A plans on keeping the sign, albeit with a few modern changes.

From the top down, the owl perched at the top of the sign will stick around, but the neon lights of the arrow will be replaced with modern LED lights. The arrow will animate in the same fashion as the Tee Jaye’s sign did.

Chick-fil-A will replace the three existing cabinets on the sign. The top will read Chick-fil-A, the second ‘Closed Sunday’ and the final will remain a changeable letter message board.

The sign will remain in approximately the same location as the existing structure. However, Chick-fil-A plans to demolish the existing Tee Jaye’s building and rebuild its restaurant.

Chick-fil-A’s proposed design for the Tee Jaye’s sign

“The existing Tee Jaye’s sign was of significant importance to the community and Clintonville Area Commission,” says Rebecca Mott, an attorney representing Chick-fil-A. “The developer will preserve the design, height, and framework of the Tee Jaye’s restaurant signage, but will modernize it through modified copy and LED lighting, to enhance and preserve the significant community interest in, and sentimental value of, the existing signage.”

While the changes regarding the site plan and signage have not been officially approved, both the Zoning Committee of the Clintonville Area Commission and the full Clintonville Area Commission recommended ‘Yes’ on the plan.

Chick-fil-A’s next step is to present the matter at the October 14 meeting of the Columbus Development Commission, before moving on to Columbus City Council for final review and approval.

The lights of the Tee Jaye’s sign in March 2021 – Photo by Susan Post

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