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Cherished Soul Yoga Opens in Upper Arlington

Nancy Alkire Nancy Alkire Cherished Soul Yoga Opens in Upper ArlingtonUpper Arlington has a new yoga studio.
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“One door after another kept opening” says Mary Coleman, long-time yoga teacher in Columbus about opening her new yoga studio, Cherished Soul, at 4929 Dierker Road in Upper Arlington.

“I really wasn’t planning on opening a yoga studio, but here it is.”

Mary Coleman has studied and taught yoga in the Columbus area for years and is highly respected among the community for her intelligent moves and gentle words.

“I was going to do a little 300-hour program for a half dozen long-time students.,” she says. “Then more and more people wanted to join. My wonderful landlord said, ‘We want you to be happy’ and took out a whole wall to give us more space. Now, it’s going to be a full-fledged yoga studio.”

Mary Coleman, owner of Cherished Soul Yoga.
Mary Coleman, owner of Cherished Soul Yoga.

She chose the location on Dierker Road for its nearness to where many of her long-time students live. The building also has ample parking and south-west facing windows that open to allow natural airflow into the space. 

“Windows that open fully were definitely one of my requirements if I was going to rent a space,” says Coleman. “It will be wonderful to feel the naturally fresh air.”  

Coleman will have a teaching program at Cherished Soul focusing on the gentle facets of yoga.  “We are not competing with yoga at the gym —which is fine for those who want their fast vinyasa flows — this yoga is soft on the body and spirit.” She welcomed students who have followed her for years as well as total newcomers to her first Saturday class December 7th. 

Teachers at Cherished Soul Yoga. Left to right: Front Row: Melanie Ross, Shayne Moon, Mary Coleman, Lori Chirakos, Stacie Edgington. Back Row: Beverly Tyler, Elizabeth Buttrey, Lonney Stokes, Jill Rich, Jennifer Sharma. Photo by Doug Roberts.

After her first Saturday morning yoga class, Coleman served students herbal tea and had a chat circle with topics ranging from citrus fruits to social justice.  “It seems so natural to have a little tea after yoga. It is always wonderful when people sit down together. ”

Classes at Chersished Soul will be free until December 31, 2019.  Coleman is hoping to keep prices affordable in 2020 and she will have discounts for veterans and seniors. Cherished Soul is located at 4929 Dierker Road in Upper Arlington. 

For more information, visit cherishedsoul.com.

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