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Charles Penzone, Inc. Debuts New Salon Concept & Direction

Susan Post Susan Post Charles Penzone, Inc. Debuts New Salon Concept & DirectionAll photos provided by Penzone Salon + Spa courtesy of Allie Lehman, The Wonder Jam
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A pioneer in the beauty industry in Columbus, Charles Penzone, Inc. is celebrating 50 years in the business, and with the milestone, introducing a new concept to carry on the Penzone name for the next 50 years.

In May, the brand debuted a new 14,000 square foot PENZONE Salon + Spa in Dublin at 6645 Village Parkway. The space embodies a new brand identity and strategic direction that will make its way to the MAX and Grand Salons under the Penzone umbrella.

President & CEO of Charles Penzone, Inc., Debbie Penzone describes the new brand position as “Beauty from the outside in.” Penzone drew on inspirations inside and outside of the beauty industry to create the new direction, which has mirrored her own journey of holistic wellness.

Penzone felt like there was a whole-package approach the brand was missing out on. She visited destination spas to restaurants and felt an open, grounding energy she wanted to implement as part of the Penzone experience. Developing the concept over a handful of years allowed Penzone to pick up on successful elements of their other ventures, Royal Rhino Club Barbershop & Lounge and LIT Life + Yoga.

The inspiration manifests in a variety of ways that make the PENZONE Salon + Spa unique in the industry. Gone are the days of shuffling guests off to private rooms and individual booths, many of the new experiences are about creating community and providing services in communal settings.

There’s a Social Room which includes a cafe offering up breakfast, lunch and a variety of alcoholic drinks based on the success of serving at Royal Rhino. Crimson Cup brews the coffee while the Little Kitchen Truck and & Juice Co. supply the rest of the eats for the cafe. Juices make their way into cocktails, like the Veggie Mary – a green juice rift on the Bloody Mary. Little Kitchen’s vegan eats include options like a BLT that even Founder & Chairman Charles Penzone thought was bacon. (It was coconut.)

Another new offering, the Beauty Zone, offers “bar experiences” – blow outs, makeup and some skincare services in a communal setting. Penzone describes it as a more on-the-go option, making it great for the “I didn’t plan this, but do you have an opening?” crowd. She knows there could be worries about the open setting, but finds guests have settled right in, observing a woman grabbing a bite to eat with a face mask on and a man enjoying a drink with foils in his hair.

Other traditional services are getting a twist. Guests can pull up a seat at the Color Bar to watch professionals at work. Customers can also save time with a new setup that facilitates getting a mani and pedi at the same time.

Penzone also says to expect multi-sensory elements across the salon – noise canceling headphones during manicures, aromatherapy, hot towels, ambient lighting, lush textiles, etc. The natural lighting through ample windows, as well as a soon to be expanded patio with a fire pit, also take the spa experience outdoors.

“The new concept is us for the next 50 years,” Penzone says.

She acknowledges that the company has never shied away from bold moves – it’s part of what has kept the Charles Penzone name growing and thriving over the last five decades.

The latest round of bold moves will make its way into Charles Penzone, Inc.’s salon portfolio over the coming months, starting with its salon in the Short North. Opened as MAX THE SALON, the business is headed north in the neighborhood to the new Castle development at 967 N. High St. and will open as PENZONE Salon + Spa later this fall.

For more information, visit www.penzonesalons.com

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