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Channels 4 and 6/28 To Pool News Coverage

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TVNewsDay is reporting that WCMH and WSYX/WTTE will pool cameramen and share news footage:

According to WCMH, “Content sharing between stations has been done for years through pool type situations and now the NBC, ABC and Fox affiliates in Columbus will work together to share resources. Instead of sending two crews to shoot the same press conferences, for example, the stations will send one crew allowing more efficient use of other station crews.”

Three Cleveland stations (WKYC, WOIO/WUAB) announced a similar plan earlier this year.

The “partnership” between 4 and 6/28 might be a sign that more layoffs are coming, or it might be an attempt to compensate for layoffs that have already happened. Either way, as newsrooms around Columbus continue to layoff staff, viewers/listeners/readers have fewer and fewer options and are exposed to fewer and fewer viewpoints. The casual viewer may not even notice this change, and that’s what makes it so insidious.

More info here.

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