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Changes Proposed for Second Phase of Gravity

Brent Warren Brent Warren Changes Proposed for Second Phase of GravityA view of the proposed 12-story building on West Broad Street. Renderings by NBBJ.
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Kaufman Development has submitted a revised plan for the second phase of the Gravity development in Franklinton.

The new plan calls for an increase in the total number residential units and parking spaces, different designs for each of the project’s four primary buildings, and the demolition of a former warehouse on McDowell Street that was to be repurposed under the previous plan.

The project, which has been dubbed Gravity 2.0, will sit across West Broad Street from the recently-completed Gravity complex. It was first brought before the East Franklinton Review Board (EFRB) in August of last year, and was approved by the board in September.

The revised plan will be presented to the EFRB tomorrow.

A list of the the proposed changes, based on materials submitted to the City of Columbus and on a summary of the proposal prepared by city staff:

  • The 12-story mixed-use building proposed for the northeast corner of the project (at West Broad Street and the railroad tracks) would stay the same height but grow from 147 units to 258 residential units.
  • The six-story office building proposed for the northwest corner of the development would also grow in size, and would extend farther to the south along McDowell Street – replacing instead of repurposing the historic Murphy Building.
  • The capacity of the parking garage planned for the middle of the project would increase from 750 spaces to 850.
  • The design of the five-story residential building in the southeast corner of the development (fronting West State Street) has been altered, and the unit count increased from 89 to 94.
  • The latest plan still calls for the renovation of the historic Solazzo Building at the corner of McDowell and West State streets.

The EFRB meets on May 21st at 3 p.m. at 111 N. Front St. For more information, see www.columbus.gov.

NOTE: this article was updated with new renderings, provided by Kaufman Development and NBBJ.

Office building proposed for the corner of West Broad and McDowell streets.
An aerial shot with renderings showing the new proposal for the Gravity 2.0 development.
The proposed Gravity 2.0 buildings, labeled.
View from the interior courtyard of the proposed 12-story mixed-use building.
View from McDowell Street of the proposed office building on the corner and of an 18-unit residential building that will sit in front of the project’s parking garage.
Proposed design of a residential “co-living” building on West State Street. All renderings by NBBJ.
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