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Challah Opening Kitchen Inside Woodlands Tavern

Walker Evans Walker Evans Challah Opening Kitchen Inside Woodlands Tavern
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If you love the Jewish cuisine from Challah Food Truck, but have a difficult time tracking it down, then you’ll be pleased to hear that locating the business is about to get a whole lot easier. Staring on Monday, July 25th, Challah will open a kitchen inside Woodlands Tavern on Third Avenue near Grandview Heights.

Challah first launched in June 2013, by chef and owner Catie Randazzo. The new location at Woodlands will feature favorite menu items from the food truck in addition to new specialities including Pastrami Chicken Wings and a new sandwich called The Gentile with braised pork, Dijon, jalapeños and pickled cabbage.

“I couldn’t imagine a better fit for Challah in our first expansion project,” said Randazzo. “I am beyond excited to work with the incredible team at Woodlands Tavern, and look forward to what this new adventure will bring for the both of us.”

The kitchen at Woodlands Tavern was previously operated by Mikey’s Late Night Slice, which has since closed in this location.

“Catie is an extremely talented chef and her skills are apparent from the first bite,” said Jimmy Woodland, owner of Woodlands Tavern. “Challah’s delicious food, alongside our popular happy hour and daily lineup of top­-rated musical performances, will continue to elevate Woodlands Tavern as one of the best bars in Columbus.”

Woodlands Tavern is located at 1200 W Third Avenue.

For more information, visit www.woodlandstavern.com.

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