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Celebrate Fall with the Flavor of Applejack

Ayana Wilson Ayana Wilson Celebrate Fall with the Flavor of Applejack
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There are a few flavors synonymous with the autumn: pumpkin, cranberries, and, of course, apples. They grow in abundance in our fair state, and after making countless pies, butter, and dumplings, there’s nothing left to make but Applejack.

Applejack is produced and bottled by Tom’s Foolery, a Chagrin Falls-based microdistillery that’s doing things the old-school way. Their Applejack is made entirely of apples in small, limited batches.

Tom’s Foolery is owned by Tom and Lianne Herbruck, who not only make Applejack, but sour mash bourbon as well. Their process is hands-on and meticulous, Tom learning the craft from his family, who made cider every fall for seasons.

“We are trying very hard to produce high-end, quality spirits that are tasty in cocktails, neat, or on the rocks,” shares Lianne. “Tom has had a passion for distilling since he was a young boy, so when he suggested we apply for the permits, how do you say no to someone following their dream?”

For the Applejack, which is a brandy, they press their apples into a sweet cider that’s then fermented for two weeks to turn it into a 6% ABV hard cider. This hard cider is thereafter double distilled, and eventually barreled for at least 2-3 years.

Batch #4 of Applejack is currently on the market, with Batch #5 scheduled for release this October. Also slated for release: Batch #1 of Tom’s Foolery Ohio Straight Bourbon Whiskey, which should be on shelves by October 1st.

The Herbucks used as much Ohio Grain as possible for this spirit, their technique the same they use when making sour mash. They took some of the liquid leftover from the first distillation and added it to the second for a consistent and well-balanced product.

All of their bourbons are aged to be straight bourbons, meaning it has matured in a new charred American oak barrel for at least two years. Tom’s Foolery will also be putting out a Rye Whiskey, made using the same time-intensive process, in Spring 2015.

Till then, enjoy Applejack in a classic B&B or Corpse Reviver cocktail, or in an Ohio Sidecar. It also adds a surprising twist in a Margarita, is unexpected in a Gin Blossom, or can be sipped on the rocks.

Applejack can be purchased at High Street Beverage, Village Carryout, Weiland’s Market, Giant Eagle Hayden Run, and Kroger West Bridge. If you would like your favorite liquor store to stock Applejack, simply give them the brand number: Brand #9234B for order.

The Herbucks are currently updating their website, where there’ll be a comprehensive list of stores that carry Tom Foolery’s products all across the state, as well as previews and histories of all their products. Check it out, www.applejackohio.com.

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