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CD101 Summerfest 2011 Review & Photos

Matt Ellis Matt Ellis CD101 Summerfest 2011 Review & Photos
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CD101’s yearly mini musical festival for the budget conscious music lover once again took over the LC Pavilion this past Saturday night, and I doubt anyone left feeling short changed.

It’s hard to knock eight bands, two stages and perfect summer weather for $10, even if the majority of the bands on show had visited Columbus during the past year or so (Or, the previous day, as was the case for Summerfest Eve headliner Cake).

Tucked away in a corner between two bars lay the tiny second stage. Opening the show were the Limousines, who sadly I didn’t see; Columbus local band, Old Hundred, who I did see and who put on an enjoyable yet forgetful set.

Next up on the second stage were Funeral Party whose infectious upbeat pop rock triggered the first crowd pogo dancing of the night. It’s unfortunate that most people probably missed a band that would likely have been better served on the main stage.

Cold Cave ended the evening’s second stage music. As the evening sun faded the band walked on stage clad in black leather and bathed in subtle moody lights. Lot’s of noise, jumping around and angry facial expressions followed with the occasional catchy synthpop ditty creeping though the din.

On the main stage, opening act Sleeper Agent looked bouncy and happy to be playing. Brian Phillips described them a “Disney Channel band from Hell.” I only saw half the set, so I’ll just go with that quote.

She Wants Revenge took to the stage bathed in the bright evening sun, which took the edge of some of the bands darker songs. Justin Warfield and Adam Bravin soldiered through a solid set of old and new songs and the crowd responded graciously enough.

Chicago’s Company of Thieves were next up, and likely put a smile on everyone’s face. Genevieve Schatz looked like a child with a new toy, dancing around the stage with a Cheshire Cat smile and boundless energy. Currently supporting their impressive new release, “Running from a Gamble” the band looked fresh and enthusiastic. It was exactly what the crowd wanted and Schatz and company seemed happy to deliver.

Headliner’s Cake arrived on stage after a lengthy intro of sound and light. Baseball hat clad singer John McCrea walked on stage with a glass of Brothers Drake Mead acting as a prop and launched straight into current radio favourite “Long Time”. The Pavilion crowd lapped up every song, singing along to every crowd participation bone that McCrea could throw at them.

And another Summerfest past; CD101 turned 21 and put together another great evening that once again made the concert going masses thankful to have such an amazing independent radio station in Columbus.

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