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CCC Hosts Auditor Hugh Dorrian RE: City Bonds, 10/23

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Public invited to discuss City Bond package at Columbus Community Coalition (CCC) meeting, October 23 at 6:30pm – Columbus Health Department. This is a great chance to get involved in community issues on a local level.

The Columbus Community Coalition was created by community leaders throughout Columbus earlier this year to serve as a clearinghouse for information and ideas among the city’s Area Commissions and civic advisory groups. The fourth general meeting of the Coalition has been combined with a public presentation featuring Auditor Dorrian to promote greater understanding among representatives of community organizations and the general public of what is at stake in the proposed bond issues on this year’s Columbus ballot. Most pre-election efforts tend to focus on national and local candidates for public office. This presentation might be termed “MEET THE CITY BUDGET” or “MEET THE CITY’S FINANCIAL FUTURE”.

A general meeting of the Columbus Community Coalition (CCC) and a public presentation will be held on Thursday, October 23rd from 6:30 to 8 pm at the Columbus Public Health Department auditorium, 240 Parsons Avenue, Columbus 43215 (parking lot & entrance in rear, auditorium on 2nd floor). For questions call CCC co-chair Catherine Girves at (614) 371-8232.

Just RSVP by email to rsv[email protected]

For more information about CCC or directions to this event, visit:


The presentation by, Hugh Dorrian – in this important national election year, will spotlight the important local issues, of the proposed bond package and will present the reasons behind the City’s need for additional funds, and answer questions posed to him by community representatives and the general public. For information on the Columbus Voted Bond Package, visit the campaign Web site at columbusbondpackage.org or email [email protected]

Hugh Dorrian has been Columbus City Auditor longer than many Columbus voters have been alive! First appointed City Auditor in 1969 following three years of service as City Treasurer, he has won the last 10 elections to retain his post. Next year he will complete an astounding 40 years in office. During his tenure, Columbus has achieved and maintained the highest city bond rating from both Moody’s and S & P: Aaa/AAA. Dorrian has said he believes his greatest accomplishment is the financial stability of the City of Columbus during the past 40 years and that, only through financial stability can cities maintain services to [their] citizens.

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