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Sunflower Market stores going out of business


The Columbus Dispatch wrote Sunflower Market stores going out of business Friday, January 25, 2008 By Monique Curet Sunflower Market will close its doors in central Ohio and elsewhere, its parent company said today. The natural-foods grocery has three locations locally: at the South Campus Gateway near Ohio State University, on Bethel Road and in […]


The Alive Review: Savvy on a Shoestring

Walker Evans Walker Evans

The Alive wrote Shoestring budget By Brittany Kress January 17, 2008 Mother-and-daughter duo Danni Palmore and Erika Jones used to send postcards to announce their upcoming discount designer clothing sales. People would flock to various hotel meeting rooms for the week-or-two-long events. During the weeks between Savvy on a Shoestring sales, as they came to […]

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The Greener Grocer opened in the North Market

Walker Evans Walker Evans

Press Release wrote The Greener Grocer opened in the historic North Market in Columbus Tuesday January 8, 2008. Our goal is to support local, Ohio and sustainable agriculture whenever possible. we offer a fair deal and encourage environmental, economic and social responsibility. We are also interested in custom food crops for direct sale to the […]


Milk Bar finds its fashion niche on High Street

Walker Evans Walker Evans

The Lantern wrote Milk Bar finds its fashion niche on High Street Danielle Meadows Issue date: 1/15/08 In one of the opening scenes of “A Clockwork Orange,” the bad guys go to the local milk bar and drink drug-laced dairy products. This was the inspiration for three local entrepreneurs who recently opened the Milk Bar, […]


Rumor Mill: The Joint – Looking to move or close


Word on the street is the smoke and paraphernalia shop, The Joint, on High, just south of 5th is looking to relocate or close. This opens up another possible stop to help anchor the NORTH short north. Anyone have more info on this? Is it even notable?


Smart car dealership to open in Columbus

Walker Evans Walker Evans

The AP wrote Smart car dealerships to open in Columbus, Cleveland area Monday, January 14, 2008 German car maker Daimler says it’s getting ready to start selling its fuel-sipping Smart car at U.S. dealerships, including two in Ohio. The tiny two-seat vehicles get 40 miles per gallon and have a base price of about $11,600. […]


Meijer to close 2 Columbus stores, open 2 more

 The Hegemo

Business First of Columbus wrote Meijer to close 2 area stores, open 2 more Friday, January 11, 2008 Meijer Inc. is closing two of its Columbus stores as it opens two more in Central Ohio, the retailer said Friday. Meijer stores on Georgesville Road on Columbus’ west side and Chantry Road on the east side […]


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