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Budget Issues Could Delay Downtown Split Fix

Walker Evans Walker Evans Budget Issues Could Delay Downtown Split Fix

nbc4i.com wrote Budget Issues Could Delay Solution For Downtown Split Wednesday, Nov 28, 2007 COLUMBUS, Ohio — A major budget issue for Ohio could affect the state’s highways. The Ohio Department of Transportation released a business plan on Tuesday, detailing what it believes could lead to a several billion-dollar budget deficit by 2015, NBC 4’s […]


Why suburbanites should care about Columbus

Walker Evans Walker Evans

Benjamin J. Marrison wrote Commentary: Everyone has stake in fate of Ohio’s cities Sunday, December 2, 2007 BY BENJAMIN J. MARRISON Although many of us live in the suburbs, we depend on major cities for things that are important to us. We also take them for granted. If you live in Lancaster and learn you […]


Urban Grocery Market: Coming Soon to Downtown

 DJ Young

The Blue Market: Columbus The Blue Market is the newest and latest project to be developed by the Blue Heron Land Company. The Blue Market is an Urban Grocery Boutique slated to be developed in Downtown Columbus. The market will be a small scale, boutique grocery, with nostalgic nuances, and composed of natural materials – […]


Columbus is 19th Most Walkable City in US


cnn.com wrote Metropolitan areas ranked for walkability Tue December 4, 2007 Young professionals are driving a national trend toward more walkable communities, says the author of a report to be released Tuesday by the Brookings Institution. The report ranks the Washington region first among the country’s major metropolitan areas in the number of “walkable places” […]


Wasted Space in Downtown – Ross Lab Lots

Walker Evans Walker Evans Wasted Space in Downtown – Ross Lab Lots

While there are plenty of surface lots downtown, most of them are spread out between buildings to minimize the negative visual impact to the landscape. There are a few areas though within downtown that are large gaping holes in our urban fabric, and the lots next to Ross Labs are one of the biggest of […]


Columbus : The Best of Everything Video

Walker Evans Walker Evans


Ohio’s big cities trying to reinvent themselves


The Dispatch wrote Can Ohio’s big cities be saved? Sunday, December 2, 2007 BY MARK NIQUETTE, ALAN JOHNSON AND JOE HALLETT Today, most of Ohio’s seven largest cities are teetering. With the exception of Columbus, they have shed more than one-third of their population and watched as income, home values and other economic indicators dropped […]


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