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Skybus Adds New Orleans, Chattanooga, Milwaukee, Ft. Myers


The Columbus Dispatch wrote Skybus to add 4 cities, 2 planes in December Thursday, September 20, 2007 By Marla Matzer Rose Starting today, Columbus travelers bound for Atlanta, New Orleans and Fort Myers, Fla., will have a chance to book tickets costing as little as $10 on Skybus Airlines. In keeping with Skybus’ penchant for […]


Drive time in Columbus is middle of the road

Walker Evans Walker Evans

The Columbus Dispatch wrote Drive time is middle of the road Wednesday, September 19, 2007 By Tim Doulin In case you hadn’t noticed, central Ohio commuter, you’ve been spending a lot more time getting to where you’re going over the years. Now, a study released yesterday has calculated that “extra travel time” from increasing congestion, […]

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Passenger Trains – Considered Again Today


The Associated Press wrote Passenger trains pitched as easing traffic, pollution By JULIE CARR SMYTH AP Statehouse Correspondent COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — A little noticed state commission believes it has a way for commuters to beat congestion, high gas prices and global warming all at once: Take the train. A regional high-speed rail system – […]


X-ing Columbus – Transportation Blog Launched

Walker Evans Walker Evans

X-ing Columbus was quietly launched about a month ago, and if you’ve not stumbled upon it yet, now’s the time to go check it out! From the site: The transit decisions we make in the next 10 years will define the way our city will grow for decades to come. The way we get around […]


Officials Plan Construction Project For South Side


nbc4i.com wrote Officials Plan Construction Project For South Side Tuesday, Sep 18, 2007 By Andrew DePaul COLUMBUS, Ohio — Local city council members discussed a development project Monday that could bring life back to the city’s south side. The Columbus City Council approved a $45,000 planning project to develop the Whittier Peninsula, NBC 4’s Mike […]


Is the Edwards Development on Gay St. too Short?

Walker Evans Walker Evans

After looking at this photo on Columbus RetroMetro and reading the comment left by Matt on this post it really does give you a good telling picture of just how short the Edwards Development is going to be on Gay Street. Of course, three story townhomes are a huge improvement over flat parking lots, but […]


Clevelander Praises German Village


Cleveland Plain Dealer wrote Step into charming German Village and you’re not in Columbus anymore Sunday, September 16, 2007 Laura Johnston Columbus — Picking my path down Beck Street, my feet thumping the bricks and my iPod pumping a Jock Jams anthem into my ears, I stop. There, behind that wrought-iron fence, is a storybook […]


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