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Red Roof Inn Announces HQ return to Columbus

Walker Evans Walker Evans

Press Release wrote Red Roof Inn Announces Return to its Roots The economy lodging brand will re-establish its headquarters in Columbus, Ohio COLUMBUS, OHIO—(November 28, 2007)—Red Roof Inn, an innovative leader in the economy lodging segment, announced today that the company’s headquarters will return to its hometown, Columbus, Ohio. The brand’s new corporate office will […]


Portion Of Dublin Rd Could See Speed Limit Change

Walker Evans Walker Evans

10tv.com wrote Portion Of Dublin Road Could See Speed Limit Change Nov 27 2007 6:48PM COLUMBUS, Ohio – 10TV News learned on Tuesday that the City of Columbus posted the wrong speed limit along a stretch of U.S. Route 33, and now the city is asking the state for help correcting the problem. The 2-mile […]


Yeah But…It Could Never Happen Here – Part I

Walker Evans Walker Evans

XINGColumbus wrote Yeah But…It Could Never Happen Here – Part I November 27, 2007 by Eric I get too many “yeah buts” when I talk about how Columbus is missing good mass transit. They’re usually followed by weak logic about how people in Columbus “love their cars”, or transit “doesn’t pay for itself”. That’s all […]


Columbus is the Low Airfare Capital of… Ohio

Walker Evans Walker Evans

Flying Coach wrote Port Columbus Scorecard Posted by Marla Matzer Rose on November 9, 2007 The purpose of FlyColumbus.com is to promote the benefits of flying from Columbus; it’s tagged in ads to people in outlying areas who could, say, choose to fly from Columbus rather than Dayton or Cincinnati. In view of a spate […]

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New firms enter market for downtown wallscapes

Walker Evans Walker Evans

The Dispatch wrote New companies enter market for wallscapes Tuesday, November 27, 2007 6:31 AM BY MARLA MATZER ROSE If there seem to be more giant ads Downtown than ever before, you’re not imagining things. Orange Barrel Media, the company that first became known for the massive building-bound signs, has been joined by two competitors […]


Columbus City Council Adopts Complete Streets Resolution

Walker Evans Walker Evans

Press Release wrote Meeting Announcement: Complete Streets and Routine Accommodation November 29, 2007 3:30 PM City Council Chambers Hosted by: Maryellen O’Shaughnessy, Chair Public Service & Transportation Committee Columbus City Engineer Randall J. Bowman and his staff will present to council members and staff the status of the Transportation Division’s Complete Streets Policy. Complete Streets […]


Citizens for Streetcars Group on CrowdsMatter.com

Walker Evans Walker Evans

There’s a group set up on CrowdsMatter.com to support and promote a public streetcar system in downtown Columbus. What exactly is CrowdsMatter.com? Here’s what the about page on the site has to say: How do you make your voice heard? Most of us feel like we can’t make a difference because we are only one […]


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