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Does the rock stop here?

Walker Evans Walker Evans

The Alive wrote Does the rock stop here? For national music tours, visiting Columbus is a mixed bag By Chris DeVille December 20, 2007 Two months ago, just under 5,000 people paid to see Arcade Fire and LCD Soundsystem perform in LC Pavilion’s amphitheater. That figure can be interpreted many ways, but mostly it confirms […]


Top 10 Best EDM DJ’s/Promoters/Events of 2007


1. Scott Litch (without him some of the best times I have had in Columbus would not have been possible) 2. Midislut (Quality Nights) 3. Aus-10 & Seth Yender 4. Dkilla 5. Jason Allen 6. Boyd 7. Shapeshifter 8. Jason Lemon Lyman Quality nights too! 9. Blubuni-Beatscapes 10. Jimmy Sexton


More Columbus bar bands are playing happy hours

Walker Evans Walker Evans

The Other Paper wrote The early show BY KITTY MCCONNELL / DECEMBER 13, 2007 It’s the stuff local music legends are made of: Jesse Henry, a member of the Columbus bands the Spikedrivers and the Royal Tycoons, made a pilgrimage to Texas at the height of the great Austin Music Rush of the past few […]


Hey Hey Bar & Grill: Old-time blues & booze

Walker Evans Walker Evans

Columbus Alive wrote Hey Hey Bar & Grill: Old-time blues & booze By Bryan Bullock The name may stir a snicker, but the Hey Hey Bar & Grill has some serious grit when it comes to holding onto its boots. The German Village bar dates back to the late 1800s and, according to legend, got […]


Hobnob at Bob’s Bar with 180 kinds of beer

Walker Evans Walker Evans

The Dispatch wrote Hobnob at Bob’s Friday, November 30, 2007 BY NICK CHORDAS I know of no other bar in Columbus where one can sample 180 kinds of beer and sit next to a Stroker Ace-era Burt Reynolds. Then again, few other bars are quite like Bob’s. Half throwback neighborhood tavern (check out the 1980s […]


The five best jukeboxes in Columbus

Walker Evans Walker Evans

The Other Paper wrote The five best jukeboxes in Columbus BY KITTY MCCONNELL / NOVEMBER 29, 2007 Not all jukeboxes are created equal—unless, that is, you’re talking about the digital models that make up the majority of those in service in Columbus. These machines, with their nearly uniform sampling of popular albums and Internet search […]


GasWerks employees make light of VT tragedy

Walker Evans Walker Evans

The Lantern wrote Bar makes light of tragedy Issue date: 11/26/07 The night of Oct. 27, GasWerks Bar employees were dressed in costumes for a Halloween party: Two of the bartenders wore costumes depicting a slain Virginia Tech student and the killer of the April 16 massacre. A friend of mine asked the manager/co-owner of […]


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