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Interview with Karl Mechem, Publisher of Short Film

 Submitted News

Columbus is home to many inspired creatures, engaged in multifaceted, often overlapping, worlds of creative production. I met Karl Mechem in 2006, as he was entering his second year publishing a quarterly collection of short films. Karl’s inspiration came from, among many sources, a trip to Mali in 2004 while shooting a low-fi documentary film. […]

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Remember When Aliens Stole Rhodes Tower?

Walker Evans Walker Evans

This CCAD student film from 1980 captures the event perfectly. Thanks to Joe Peffer for tipping us off to this:


DVD Journal, Democratizing Short Films

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The Journal of Short Film is a locally published quarterly DVD collection of short video/film from around the world. In its newest volume, #15, the Journal continues its voice of democratized film distribution, while offering a selection of films along the perimeter of both experimental and documentary practices.

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New Zach Galifianakis Film Screening

 Colin Perkins

Recent weeks have seen an inevitably loud game of “I’ve Known About Him for Years” – every snobbish comedy nerd’s favorite pastime. This quickly occurs whenever a seemingly-new comedian experiences a breakout in a mainstream show or movie. The star comedian in the current spotlight is Zach Galifianakis – the longtime indie standup darling that […]


Matt Meindl, Films Made by Hand

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Matt Meindl, in his own words is a kind of “hodgepodge filmmaker.” Matt’s films are self-conscious and quirky, often including the filmmaker himself through image, voice, or narrative. Matt and I each returned to our hometown of Columbus a few years ago, and met one another shortly there after. I conducted this recent interview via […]


The 48 Hour Film Project is Coming to Columbus

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The 48 Hour Film Project, the first and biggest timed film competition in the world, brings filmmaking teams together to make a movie from scratch — teams write, shoot, edit and score a short film — all in just 48 hours. And it’s coming to Columbus! Filmmakers compete to see who can make the best […]


Year One Movie Ticket Giveaway Today

Walker Evans Walker Evans

Today at 11:30am, Columbus Underground will be giving away movie passes for a sneak peek screening of Year One. You can grab tickets by stopping by the Delicious Real Estate offices Downtown at 254 South 4th Street. We’ve got 50 tickets to give away, and each admits two. First come first serve. One ticket per […]


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